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(October 1946 - December 1991 - ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE)

On 3rd October 1946 memorandum No 1081 was issued stating that No 3 Telecommunications Unit (3TU) was to be formed.  It went on to say 3TU was to be established on the 15th October as the eventual replacement for the eight Wireless Telegraphy Units in active service during World War II.

Recruitment was sought from the Telegraphist mustering with the first two members being posted to 3TU in October 1946.  Following specialist training at Ballarat, Harman and Cabarlah, on the evening shift of 6th September 1947, 3TU became operational; 24 hours a day for the next 44 years.

At all times, the members of 3TU were patiently, quietly and effectively conducted business. The contributions members of 3TU have made to Australia’s security were significant if unheralded.

From the infancy of 3TU in 1947, the unit underwent a number of cosmetic changes to what was perceived to be a welcoming home to Signals Operators.  Members of 3TU always relished the country club atmosphere which was possibly the greatest contributing factor to the very high moral and esprit de corps constantly enjoyed at this unit.

3TU remained one of the favoured working environments in the RAAF until its closure on 1st December 1991.

3 Telecommunications Unit holds the distinction of continual service, greater than any other RAAF unit.

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